1. Design Project Indoor / Outdoor
    Toscana ProCasa Interior-& Garden Design projects and implements indoor- and outdoor projects according to your individual requests and needs, taking into consideration any local requirements as well as your budget (we ask for you for quotes and estimates) including
    Planning and processing project, technical drawings:

    1. Reconstruction, altered sections, room layout
    2. Plumbing / hydraulic installations, lines
    3. Electrification / special focus: interesting lighting concepts
    4. Special attention to the preservation and incorporation of ancient construction and design elements / Restoration / Trompe l’oeil (trick the eye)
    5. Interior Design / artistic design, furnishings and fittings, decor
    6. Design outdoor / garden / park project in harmony with the building, its style, its interiors and the surroundings


  2. Implementation of the project

    (if necessary in collaboration with surveyors / architects / structural engineers)

      1. Obtain the necessary permits
      2. Organization, coordination and supervision of the conversion and decoration
        • Procurement of the necessary building materials and colours (also old original materials suitable for the restoration of listed buildings)
        • For many years, we work with a network of reliable, excellent craftsmen and suppliers, who are happy to be at your disposal
        • We ask quotes and estimates for you, and if necessary administer the acceptance and billing as well as obtaining the necessary certificates under Italian law
        • Design and artistic arrangement of both the indoor and the outdoor area (incorporating ancient construction and design elements with particular attention to their preservation)
      3. Restoration / Trompe l’oeil (trick the eye)
      4. Supply of materials, equipment, furnishings, furniture, fabrics, art, antiques, etc.
      5. Restoration of furniture, fabrication and custom work, curtains and pelmets etc. (we are working for many years with excellent carpenters, upholsterers, restorers, highly skilled tailors and suppliers)
      6. Elaborate indoor / outdoor decoration down to the detail (down to the matching tableware, decorative objects, etc.)
      7. And much much more … in short, everything to create a dream home … up to the key in the hand
      8. If you need us, we are of course happy to assist you with advice and practical help, even after the completion of the project.


Photo Gallery Reconstruction / Restoration / Interior Design
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2CucinaPranzoSogg16.05.14057Web 3BibliothekKamin16.05.14web 22SaalWarmesLicht12.02.2014 023corrIWeb 4CucinaVertMantovana16.05.14 012web
2PalGaesteWCLavabo 12Bad1.St.VascaTag09.05.14 001bearbWeb 5SalottinoSpiegelTagLuciHor23.6.6.14 002btaglWeb 8GaesteziComoDetailNappa16.6.14 026bWEb
4BueroFensterhalboffen21.05.14 144corrweb 5Bad2.StSterlSpiegel21.05.14 073corrWeb KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA 15PoltroncinaAnticaDetail16.05.14web